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Maklu | Garant | Spinhuis

19 & 20 september

Het Boekenpodium

Somersstraat 13-15
2018 Antwerpen
Tel: +32 (3) 231 29 00
Fax: +32 (3) 233 26 59

Koninginnelaan 96
7315 EB Apeldoorn
Tel: +31 (55) 522 06 25
Fax: +31 (55) 522 56 94

Maklu is an independent enterprise, founded in 1972. Maklu's publications cover the entire legal field, with an emphasis on Belgian, Dutch and international law. Books regarding criminology and police practice are also well represented. A special place is dedicated to our tax-publications.

Two years ago, Maklu published its 1000th book. Every year, about 70 new books are added. Journals for academics and professionals are an important component. With these periodicals, Maklu reaches an audience of about 18.000 subscribers.

Maklu-publications are carefully selected and submitted to various review procedures. Academic publications for research purposes, like Ph.D. theses, are subjected to strict international peer-review. Due to this procedure, the yearly number of published theses is limited. It guarantees however the highest quality standards. It is not uncommon for them to be honoured with scientific awards (e.g. Walter Leeën Prijs, Fernand Collinprijs, Prijs Herman de Croo,…)

Proposals for new books or periodicals, in print or digital, are always welcome. Thanks to its independent organisation, the decision process with Maklu is very fluent. Authors can rely on a personal editor's support of their publication, from idea over manuscript to a final book. They are also consulted in matters of production and marketing. Short production notices, careful pricing politics, solid promotion and prominent presence in the bookstores give Maklu-publications every possible space.

More and more, Maklu addresses an international audience, given the increasing number of non-Dutch, mainly English titles. As a member of the European Union Publishers' Forum and through its international distributors, Maklu reaches a worldwide audience.

Maklu organises on a regular basis Maklu-Meetings, outstanding seminars, and acts as a distributor for a selection of other publishers.

Garant is an informative and general scientific publishing company for study, practice and research.

Garant specially has attention for books as a study instrument. This is a wide notion:

    - text books for courses (universities, colleges, etc.)
    - informative books for various branches (in upbringing and education, health care, welfare sector, companies and organisations, etc.)
    - publications on behalf of science an sich (dissertations, research reports, congress and symposium reports, libri amicorum, etc.)
    - books for the broad audience (parents, patients, people who are interested in philosophy, history, environment, education, politics, psychology, traffic, etc.).

The range covers practically the entire gamma of work disciplines and areas of interest. The authors come from all universities and a large number of colleges, institutions, organizations and associations in Flanders and the Netherlands.

Garant-Publishers is founded in 1990.

Environment-friendly Production

Maklu | Garant | Het Spinhuis publishers attach great importance to corporate social responsibility. We therefore exclusively use chlorine-free and FSC-certified quality paper. FSC (Forest Stewardship Council, cofounded by WWF) is an international organisation promoting responsible forest management worldwide.
Because only the highest requirements for a socially, ecologically and economically responsible forest management is good enough. FSC is, at the moment, the only certification mark for forest management supported by all environmental movements.

Not only the usage of FSC-paper, but also the production proces itself has been scrutinized. Our carefully selected printing partners comply to the international ISO 14001 environmental management system or to a similar standard.