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19 & 20 september

Het Boekenpodium

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All maklu books

9789046610510:Counter-terrorism & criminal law
Counter-terrorism & criminal law
St├ęphanie De Coensel
ISBN: 9789046610510 /  € 39,00
Publisher: Maklu-Uitgevers nv
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About the book:
In an effort to prevent a terrorist attack, legislators increasingly resort to criminal law measures at an early stage of the iter criminis. Although this pre-emptive turn is often criticized, a thorough assessment based upon the fundaments of the criminal justice system is largely absent in scholarly discourse. This book, therefore, subjects three types of terrorism-related offences (i.e. offences with an impact on expression, information and movement) in four Western-European countries (i.e. Belgium, the Netherlands, France and the United Kingdom) to a legitimacy test, based upon the principles of subsidiarity, proportionality and legality. Whilst subsidiarity primarily focusses on the grounds of criminalization (and more in particular the harm principle), proportionality and legality are reflected in a human rights assessment. The author examines the troublesome relationship between an efficient security policy and the value of well-established principles of substantive criminal law. She argues that lowering both the standards of actus reus and mens rea is a dangerous evolution which undermines the rule of law.
9789046610718:From the alley to the web. Belgian involvement on drug cryptomarkets -IRCP 57
From the alley to the web. Belgian involvement on drug cryptomarkets -IRCP 57
Charlotte Colman, Antoon Bronselaer, Marie-Sophie Devresse, Geert Slabbekoorn, Sacha Piron, Yoram Timmerman
ISBN: 9789046610718 /  € 35,00
Publisher: Maklu-Uitgevers nv
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About the book:
Developments in technology have not only transformed aspects of our daily life, but they have also impacted the way in how illicit transactions are organised, such as illicit drug supply and demand.

This book focuses on illicit drug transactions through drug marketplaces on the dark web, also called cryptomarkets. The dark web is an encrypted, small part of the internet not searchable by regular search engines.

These drug cryptomarkets offer an unprecedented opportunity to study a drug market and to monitor new trends in drug supply and demand. International research has provided some general insights into the profile, experiences and motivations of drug cryptomarket vendors and buyers. This research has however indicated that national differences exist regarding the different variables that relate to cryptomarket use and prevalence.

Therefore, in 2019, the Belgian Science Policy Office (BELSPO) commissioned and financed CRYPTODRUG shedding a first, yet necessary, light on illicit drug trade on cryptomarkets from a Belgian perspective. From the alley to the web. Belgian involvement on drug cryptomarkets discusses these CRYPTODRUG results. The book does not only focus on the profile of Belgian vendors selling illicit drugs on drug cryptomarkets, but also provides a first insight into the experiences and motivations of Belgian cryptomarket buyers.