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Niek Peters
The fundamentals of international commercial arbitration, 2nd revised edition
ISBN: 9789046610091
Aantal Pagina's: 324
Status: Verschenen - bestelbaar - leverbaar
Prijs: € 43,00
Uitgever : Maklu-Uitgevers nv
Print-versie   Bestel Nu

Over het boek:
Written from a comparative perspective, with an eye for international instruments and guidelines, this book deals with the particulars of international commercial arbitration. In an easily accessible manner it considers among others:

• the characteristics of international commercial arbitration
• the advantages and perceived disadvantages of international commercial arbitration
• the pros and cons of ad hoc and institutional arbitration
• the laws applicable in international commercial arbitration
• the essentials of the arbitration agreement and arbitrability
• the establishment and composition of the arbitral tribunal
• the duty of disclosure and the challenge of arbitrators
• the end of the arbitrators’ mandate and their replacement
• the organisation of the arbitration proceedings
• the powers, duties and liability of arbitrators
• the jurisdiction of the arbitral tribunal
• the course of the arbitration proceedings, from the request for arbitration to the award
• the form and content of the award
• the recognition, enforcement and annulment of the award

Everything is presented practically and analytically, drawing among others on case law and the experience of the author. Where indicated national arbitration acts as well as standing arbitration rules are compared and differences highlighted.

For those who want to get acquainted with international commercial arbitration or seek guidance with regard to a specific question that may arise in the course of an international commercial arbitration this book provides a convenient reference work.

Over de auteur(s):
Professor Dr Niek Peters is partner in the Amsterdam office of Simmons & Simmons LLP and professor of international commercial arbitration at the University of Groningen, the Netherlands. He is an expert in the field of cross-border litigation and (international) arbitration, both investment and commercial. He has been counsel and arbitrator, having acted as chair, sole-arbitrator and co-arbitrator, in numerous domestic and international arbitrations, governed by various procedural and substantive laws, relating to diverse legal issues and sectors. In addition, he has acted as counsel in court proceedings relating to arbitration, including proceedings with regard to the enforcement and annulment of arbitral awards.